Conversion Course

This Microblading & Shading course has been designed for qualified Microblading Artists who wish to enhance their skills, develop their knowledge and confidence and learn my advanced One Pass technique.

The main aim of the course is to take you, the Artist, back to basics, gaining a better understanding of;

  • Brow shaping
  • Basic hair stroke patterns on silicon
  • Brow Mapping
  • Symmetry Correction
  • Understanding different skin types
  • Microblading and Manual shading using  the ‘One Pass’ technique
  • Touch up procedure


The Conversion Course is a 1 day ‘face to face’ group training session. This will give access to an online portal, which reiterates the fundamentals of microblading and contains extensive material in relation to the theory and practical elements of perfecting skills as a Microblading Artist. The material taught will give a good understanding of the skin healing process and how this relates to the One Pass technique. The course will also cover the importance of Client Consultation, Pre-Care and After Care processes and of course focus fully on the Microblading procedure, using the bespoke Hailey Dallas One Pass technique.

The ‘One Pass’ Microblading technique provides the best possible healed results. Throughout my Microblading career, I have tried numerous techniques and varied the Microblading process to suit the needs of the client. I fully promote the ‘One Pass’ technique for a number of reasons and strongly encourage Artist’s do adopt this method.

Benefits of the One Pass method:

  • Reduces time
  • Reduces cost
  • Less trauma to the skin
  • More precise work

One Pass reduces time as you are only making the hair stroke once with the blade, as opposed to repeatedly working over the same stroke with the blade to try and implant ample pigment into the channel. Making a number of strokes over the same area can result in double strokes and less precision.

Cost is reduced using One Pass as the improved healed results ensure that the clients Microblading will have the best possible healed results which will then require less treatments/Touch Up appointments etc.

There is a notable reduction in trauma using One Pass. One pass over the treated area is so much kinder to the skin than multiple strokes, reducing swelling and redness. The skin will heal quicker and better. The One Pass teaching method eliminates the need for numbing.

One Pass Microblading ensures that the pigment is successfully inserted into the hair stroke. The hair stroke will be created in the epidermal layer with only one scratch, implemented at the correct depth, which will give the best possible healed results.

Details of the Programme

An age restriction of 18+. This course will guarantee a strong foundation within the art of Microblading, developing your existing skills to ensure the standard of HDB is achieved. By developing your technique will not only benefit you as the Artist it will provide a better experience, and more importantly better healed results for the client.

Included in the course:

  • Access to Hailey Dallas Online Portal, which contains all course material, video and tutorials.
  • Opportunity to become an approved HDB Microblading Artist, including logo and certificate, discounts on products and continued support from the HDB team.

A proficient level of manual dexterity will be required to undertake the practical aspect of the programme. The use of ICT technology will be part of the programme, so an expected level of literacy for using these forms of technology will be required.
Ability to self-direct, motivate and have autonomy for your own learning will be required.

The study time expected for the programme will be based around 15 hours, to ensure a good understanding in the fundamentals in Microblading. A maximum of 3 months to complete in full.

The programme will be based around one mandatory face to face training day, incorporating both practical and theory based delivery.

  • Day One – Practice on silicone, Skill development, Working on live models.

Following the one day face to face training, distance support will be provided by the tutor. This will ensure adequate time for the student to undertake practical experience and ability for the microblading. The distance learning supported with the tutor by means of, phone discussions, media discussion and email correspondence will take place.

The course will compile of five modules and will contain a blended approach of both theory and practical.

  1. Anatomy and Physiology for Microblading
  2. Health and Safety: Salon and Brow Artist
  3. Consultation and Client Care
  4. Brow Preparation Prior to Microblading
  5. Microblading Treatment and Touch up Procedure

Completion of the course will require sound knowledge of all modules.

A mix of the following assessment methodologies will be utilised:

  • Short written assignment
  • Case Studies

The cost of the course will include your one day face to face delivery, post face to face six months support, ongoing contact and your full microblading kit.
The total cost of the course will be: £1500