Permanent Brows


Microblading and tattoos originated in Asia and have became popular globally in recent years.  Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that allows reconstructing the eyebrows fully, during this process it is possible to achieve the most natural finish or bolder looking effect. Eyebrow microblading is performed by manually depositing pigment under the epidermal layer of the skin by a handheld manual tool, a small level of discomfort during the procedure will be present as minor breakage of the skin is taking place.

Microblading is the perfect solution if you want to correct your current eyebrow shape, add volume to brows or fill in sparse areas. It is also suitable if you have no eyebrow hairs, as we will create a new, beautiful, natural looking brow.

This treatment is ideal if you have suffered from illness or due to chemo/radiotherapy lost brow hairs or suffer from alopecia or other medical condition that resulted in eyebrow hair thinning or loss.

With the  ‘One-Pass‘ microblading technique we create microblade hair stroke flow that follows the direction of natural eyebrow hairs naturally blending in and creating a natural finish. The aim is to create a brow that nobody would be able to tell that it has undergone semi-permanent treatment.

Unlike permanent makeup brow treatment, the microblading technique involves drawing individual, crisp hair strokes that are more natural looking.

Certain skin types can affect how long microblading will last,  on a normal skin type microblading should last on average between 12-18 months.  With excessively oily or dry skin, microblading may only last around 6 months.

Hailey Dallas Brows

Pre Procedure

Make sure you are feeling fit and well before your microblading procedure and please reschedule your appointment if you have an outbreak of cold sores or shingles. If you are currently taking antibiotics then you will need to have completed your course for at least 2 weeks prior to the microblading procedure.

Powder Brows

Powder Brows is an eyebrow shading technique used with a permanent makeup device similar to a tattoo gun. This technique creates a soft pixelated look. Powder Brows is also known as ombre brows. The ombre effect means that the inner part of the brow is lighter and gradually gets darker further out towards the tail. This results in a three-dimensional look. In terms or pain, powder brows is less painful than microblading as it’s not as harsh on the skin.

If you prefer a more filled in style then this is the right procedure for you. This is also good as it’s suitable for all skin types rather than microblading which is better for clients with dry skin. If you already have brow hair but would like them fuller and if you wear makeup everyday then powder brows is best for you.

Nano Brows

Machine Stroke Brows, otherwise known as Nano Brows are a form of brow tattooing  that implements a handheld tattoo machine and one very fine needle (as opposed to microblading, which uses several) to semi-permanently lay pigment under the skin, creating the look of actual eyebrow hairs. Microblading and Nano Brows are very similar and can sometimes be mixed up. The main differences:

  • Nano brows is done with a machine and microblading is manually created. The machine features an extremely fine needle, which vibrates and pierces the skin, depositing pigments in tiny dots that add up to strokes. The needle is flexible and thin, so it causes very little trauma to the skin
  • There is less scabbing with Nano Brows
  • Nano Brows is less painful, it may feel tingly or stingy

In terms or what treatment if best for you, clients with combination or mature skin would benefit most from this treatment or powder brows. If you’re looking for a natural brow this treatment or microblading is good as it creates hair strokes to match the pattern in which your own hair grows in, allowing the most natural brow possible.